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Notebook Cover - Triform ®

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Imagine not having to trim your Police notebook to fit the cover!

The notebook cover is designed for the Triform ® 3 1/2" x 5" Evidence Notebooks.  We make it slightly bigger than the notebook so you don't have to trim any of it!  You choose a laser engraved or stamped Crest, your optional Regimental number, and our logo.  When opened, there are 2 pockets in the top that we accomplished by doubling the thin leather, for card inserts.  We also added a pocket to the bottom portion for more, 'cause we know all those inserts add up!  We can do any agency if your logo/crest is available on the internet.

Options: Lots of colour options, a few popular ones are found here, and you can contact us if you don't see one you like!  

Laser engraved: We can do any number of fonts.  If you don't specify, we will engrave it using 'papyrus' as a default font.  The red pictured one is done in papyrus.  

Stamping: We will use #6 as pictured unless you specify otherwise.  *If you don't contact us for custom options, we assume you want simply the  RCMP crest and our logo!  Note: We only currently have the RCMP Crest as a stamping option!